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Packing Tips

We have always said that packing is the not so fun part of moving.  Make sure you have plenty of boxes and packing supplies, crank up the music and get to packing.

1. Consider packing clothes, pillows, and linens in vacuum seal bags or large trash bags.  This cuts down on the space needed and opens more options for creative truck packing.  

2. The more uniform the sizes on your boxes, the better they stack and hold up.  Getting a couple of different sizes from a truck rental place makes for a nice even stack of boxes.  Make a stack of boxes in the garage or in a room close to the front door for easy load up.   

3. Take apart as much furniture as you feel comfortable with.  Taking apart beds and disconnecting washers and dryers save a lot of time and money.  of course we are more than happy to help take things apart if you would like.  

The team from Stay at Home Dad Mover were super-careful with our stuff and did a great job utilizing the time and space in the truck. I will absolutely recommend them to anyone and use them again
— Travis H.

Moving Day Tips

The day has arrived and movers are showing up in a few hours.  Time to get the truck in place and any last minute stuff packed up.  Here are some tips to make sure things run smooth.  

1. To save a little time, make sure all you furniture is clear and ready to move.  Take knick-knacks off the coffee table and clear out the bookcases.  The more that is ready to grab and go, the better. 

2. Help keep an eye on your kiddos. When you have big guys carrying heavy dressers through the house its best to make sure little toes are out of the way.  

3. Make sure to have the doorways and pathways through the house clear. Having a nice clear pathway is always a welcome sight when showing up to a move.  

4. During the summer time keep that AC going.  Even when the door is propped open keep the cold air coming.  Having that minute in the cold air during the dog days of summer makes a world of difference. Trust me, your movers will greatly appreciate it.   

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